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 The Srixon Z-Star XV Pure White golf ball 2014 Glove Adblock AD333 Tour Adblock 

Performance driven by technology - 3 new technologies from Srixon

Spin Skin

This unique, first of its kind 'spin skin' technology from Srixon increases friction between the ball and the club face by 20%, generating more spin with super soft feel, for the ultimate in short game control.

Speed Dimple

Newly developed by Srixon the 344 aerodynamic 'speed dimple' design reduces air resistance to maintain ball speed, delivering a longer penetrating ball flight and great stability in wind.

Enhanced Core

The advanced Neo Energetic Gradient Growth™ core from Srixon gets softer from the outside in, delivering a higher speed off the club face and a high launch angle, with reduced spin and explosive power on long shots.

Everything about the Z-Star is better - I especially like it in the wind
Ideal for swing speeds of between 39 and 48 metres per second
1. Spin Skin

2. Speed Dimple

3. Super soft urethane cover

4. Ionomer mid-layer

5. Enhanced neo-energetic gradient growth single core

User Benefits - Spin and Feel

Already recognised for its long distance, the Srixon Z-Star Pure White™ golf ball provides tour professionals and low handicap players exceptional all round performance.

Designed for players with a swing speed of between 88 and 108mph, the new 3 piece Z-Star golf ball boasts Srixon's revolutionary, first of its kind, 'high grip spin coating'. The Srixon 'Spin Skin' technology increases friction between the ball and the club face by 20%, delivering quality players improved spin control on approach shots, around the green, from the rough and in wet conditions.

The redesigned aerodynamic 344 dimple pattern increases dimple coverage by 4%, reducing drag and air

resistance to maintain a higher ball speed during flight and a trajectory that is strong and stable in the wind.

The advanced Neo Energetic Gradient Growth™ core delivers explosive power on long shots for high velocity and high launch angle at impact, whilst reducing spin off the face of the driver delivers a penetrating ball flight for exceptional distance and accuracy.

And, with the Z-Star golf ball available in both Pure White™ and Tour Yellow™, tracking your ball in flight has never been easier - advance your game with the NEW Srixon Z-Star golf ball.

Switch to Z-Star if you play...

  • Titleist Pro V1
  • Nike RZN Red
  • Callaway Hex Chrome
  • Bridgestone B330 RX & RXS
  • TaylorMade Tour Lethal Preferred
  • Wilson Staff FG Tour
  • Callaway Speed Regime
The Srixon Z-Star range - Trusted by the worlds professionals with over 70 international tour wins in the last 2 years

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